Cranberry Banana Smoothie

cran-smoothieAbout mid-afternoon yesterday I had this incredible craving for something fruity and cool. The only thing in the house was a little bit of frozen cranberries and bananas. With a sense of urgency, I popped a banana, 1/2 cup of frozen cranberries, a drizzle of honey, and a healthy splash of half-n-half into the food processor.  Turned it on high, puttered around for a few minutes, went back to check on my concoction and voila! It was mousse more than smoothie, lovely hot pink with flecks of cranberry, not too sweet and definitely not tart, with mild banana after tones, perfectly refreshing, filling, and I ate it with a spoon.  Finally got rid of the cranberries from thanksgiving and now I’ll have to buy more because I think I’ll want another one of these smousses (smoothie-mousse). 

Las Vegas is heating up, 91° F. today, and it won’t be long before the temp is over 112° F.  Cold salads and cold refreshing drinks will be everyday fare.  Most sane people only come out at night like bats and vorles.  Only golfers and suntanners venture out after sun-up.  The air-con will be whirring non-stop along with the jacuzzi and swimming pool pumps… and I will dream of those precious moments of near silence in 86° F. weather with only the sound of the surf, sand between my toes, and a mango/pineapple Mai Tai.

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