Vienna Pork Schnitzel

One of the best selling lunch specials at Coco’s, my restaurant in Tonga, was this classic schnitzel.  I would buy pork chops and remove the bone, then pound them to perfect escallops.  The breading included Parmesan cheese in the crumbs and once breaded the cutlets rested on a rack until ready to fry to order.  70/30 butter to oil was used for a very quick saute and then lemon was added to the drippings.  Capers topped the schnitzel to add a briny bite that perfectly balanced the starch of the crumbs and sweetness of the pork.  Schnitzel and the house potato salad never failed to boost lunch receipts on that tiny island with 65,000 inhabitants, 2200 of which were expats mainly of European descent. My dear friend, Peter, a retired exec-chef from Vienna, gave me this recipe and he never failed to show up for this lunch special.   Our house-potato-salad and a Linzer Tort completed the meal.   more


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