Black Bean Soup with Sherried Shrimp

Every time I make this soup I think of the 1980’s in St. Thomas, USVI.  There was a marvelous cafe in the St. Thomas sub-base area called L’Escargot.  The roof of the restaurant sported a huge Caribbean lobster (crayfish) and obviously their specialty was seafood.  It was the in-place to be seen and party.  One of my favorite places to eat out for sure.

L’Escargot served a Black Bean Soup with Shrimp for lunch which was exceptional.  I finally met the chef and asked him what wine he used in the soup and he said sherry in a very off-handed manner as if I couldn’t boil water.  Little did he know…  I was crewing and cooking aboard chartered yachts at the time and developing a pallet for all things gourmet.

By the end of the yacht season I had succeeded in making a creamy black bean soup with  sherried shrimp that everyone loved.  Topped with a dollop of Greek yogurt and fresh cilantro this soup is a delicious experience.  Serve it with

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