Star Fruit Chutney

Roasted Chicken and Star Fruit Chutney

Star fruit or Carambola is another tropical fruit with a delicate flavor reminiscent of citrus and watermelon. Its sweet when ripe and makes a nice chutney.  This chutney has just enough jalapeño chili to offset the sweet and sour of the sauce and there’s texture from the onions, bell peppers and fruit.  This condiment really makes chicken and fish pop.  It certainly gave my roasted chicken and fried breadfruit chips a zing.Carambola are in season now here in the Caribbean so you probably can find them in major supermarkets.  They should be yellow with light brown spots on the ribs of the star.  If they’re green without any blemishes just set them in a bowl on the counter for a few days to ripen.  Again, if you’ve been following my blogs, fruit will not ripen sweetly if it was picked too green so its kind of a gamble buying green fruit from a market.  The best fresh produce markets offer a slice of their fruits in season so customers have the opportunity to taste the quality before they buy.

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