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Ginger and Starfruit Jam

November 15, 2012

Starfruit and Ginger Jam

Hurricane Sandy did a number on some of the beaches in Rincon, taking away the sand right down to the bedrock in some areas.  My friend, Judy, lost several beautiful fan-palms on the beach side of her home leaving an eight foot drop off.  Fortunately the rest of the property was intact and the fruit trees were unharmed.  Judy had one starfruit tree loaded with fruit so I brought home about 10 pounds of fruit for chutney and this jam.

Tropical fruits are very sweet when ripe with delicate flavors and its important not to overcook them or add ingredients that will overpower their intrinsic flavors.  A couple tablespoons of fresh grated ginger was all that was needed to turn a batch of starfruit into a jam with just a hint of sparkle.  Starfruit tastes like a strawberry with apple tones and has the texture of watermelon or ripe pear depending upon the ripeness.

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Mango Saffron Jam

June 22, 2012

The freezer is full of mango slices for smoothies and cakes and my pantry now has a good supply of mango jam.  These little jars of jam spiced with saffron are perfect for gift giving.  A teaspoon of mango-saffron jam in a banana-mango smoothie is a terrific substitute for honey or sugar and makes a yummy filling for sponge cakes.  This jam takes 5-8 minutes to cook, has less sugar and jells in a snap with 1 pouch of Certo pectin.   I love the color of jams and jellies made with Certo pectin.  Because of the reduced cooking time, the color and clarity of jams and jellies made with Certo are brighter and the flavors are fresher.  Small batches also help to control the quality of color, flavor and the gel.  Plus the whole canning process is less of a chore when the batch is smaller.

Start by finding really ripe mangoes…they’re the sweetest.  They should be firm but not bruised and have a heavenly fragrance. The flavor of a mango is like a peach married to a papaya.  Always taste a slice to be sure they are sweet and the texture isn’t mushy.

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