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Snowmen with Paper Mache Clay – Weekend project

November 14, 2012

Puerto Ricans are mad about snowmen…who knew!  I suppose its a novelty for those who haven’t seen nor experienced real snow.  I had lots of requests last year for snowmen so I made these little ornaments from 1-1/2 inch and 2 inch styrofoam balls with paper mache clay to form the noses, eyes, buttons and hats.  They’re sitting on cork platforms with paper mache clay filler so they’ll sit by themselves on a mantel.  Red and green pipe cleaners were used for the scarves and ear muffs.  The cap and scarf on the snowman to the far right was made of stretchy T-shirt fabric.

Paper mache clay is one of my favorite mediums for crafting.  Its used in place of paper mache (paper strips and paste) over an armiture.   It’s simply toilet paper soaked in water, squeezed dry then shredded fine in a food processor.  Joint compound, homemade white glue, flour, bleach and gylcerin was whirled with the shredded paper until a smooth dough was achieved.

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Wine-Cork Angels – Weekend Project

September 14, 2012

Wine-Cork Angel

Bazaars for the holidays are just around the corner.  I’m in the groove creating new pieces that hopefully will be irresistible to ornament collectors.  This sweet little angel is four inches tall, weighs less than an ounce and is made of wired metallic ribbon gathered over a wine cork.  Her head is a one inch Styrofoam ball covered with paper-mache and painted a pale pink.  The wings are just a bow made of the same metallic ribbon.  Ordinary kitchen twine wrapped around the head creates her hair and the halo is a string of gold pearls.  An ivory satin ribbon with a violet satin rose finishes her adornments.Hang this sweet angel on your Christmas tree or the office tree.  Give her to a friend or loved one, or dress up a gift box with her for someone special.  She will be saved and cherished for years to come.

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Quilted Christmas Balls – Weekend Project

September 1, 2012

Its that time of year when all good elves start working to make gifts for the holiday bazaars.  I love going to bazaars and finding unique and beautiful arts and crafts.  So much fun and really fuels my creative side.  This year I’m making these quilted Christmas ornaments.  They’re  dazzling on a Christmas tree and make a fabulous heirloom gift.  read more

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