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Cold Finger Food for Your Next Bash

April 25, 2009

Add a few of these little finger foods to the menu for your next spring get-together.  They’re quick, easy and tasty.  There’s no cooking involved so you can make up platters of these the day before or morning of your party.   That gives you time to cook the hot dishes, have a cocktail and relax for a bit.  Scandinavian Smorgasbord is the inspiration for this menu.  My father was Norwegian so I come by this naturally.  However, my mother was French and German and cooked every ethnic dish imaginable, including Scandinavian dishes.  She was a “foodie” before the word was invented.

  • Prosciutto Wraps – goat cheese spread on a thin slice of prosciutto with arugula and half a fig
  • Melon & Prosciutto – a small slice of honeydew melon or cantaloupe wrapped in a thin slice of prosciutto
  • Smorgesbröd (dainty, open faced sandwiches on buttered slices from a mini-loaf of deli bread) with frilly lettuce, smoked turkey, and basil pesto on sourdough
  • Smorgesbröd of lettuce, roast beef, Havarti, horse radish, and dill pickle on pumpernickel
  • Smorgesbröd of lettuce, smoked salmon, capers and onion on bagel slices with cream cheese
  • Stuffed cherry tomatoes with olive tapenade and goat cheese dollop
  • Mediterranean Black bean salad in endive leaves
  • Platter of crudites with a blue cheese dipping sauce
  • Platter of pickles – Kalamata olives, sweet cornichons, sweet & sour plums, spicy figs, dilled green beans, dilled okra, antipasto, small marinated bocaccini cheese balls, beet pickles, pickled herring and marinated octopus
  • Baskets of crisp breads, crackers, and pita triangles with bowls of avocado yogurt salsa and sun-dried tomato pesto