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Vinegar Peppers from a Soprano Fan

March 26, 2012

It seems nearly all of America was in love with the T.V. series “The Sopranos” so much so that they wrote a cookbook filled with old world Italian recipes.  Vinegar peppers or Pickled Peppers, if you will, are a traditional condiment in several Italian meat dishes.   They really put a zing in the deliciousness of sauteed sausages, grilled pork and flank steak.  In fact I would proudly add them to an antipasto platter and bruschetta toppings…they are so flavorful.

Personally, sugar in pickles is not my thing unless its supposed to be sweet like bread ‘n’ butter pickles or cornichons but in this recipe I’ve added a little sugar to cut the abrasive vinegar and the taste is still decidedly savory more than sweet so I’m a happy camper.

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